Smart Shopping for Your Pet

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Renowned human hair product line Kiehl’s recently released a “For Your Dog” line of products that includes shampoo, conditioner and a cleansing spritz.

This latest product line is proof enough of the growing clout dogs and pets in general have within the typical American family. Not only do Americans have more disposable income than ever before, but now they are willing to spend some of this disposable cash on their dogs’ toys and grooming products.

According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, pet industry sales amounted to $36.3 billion in 2005. Fifty million of these pampered animals in the U.S. are dogs.

The Kiehl’s “For Your Dog” line of products ranges in price from $12 to $16 and includes products such as shampoo, conditioner and a cleansing spritz. The products are meant to give dogs a shiny coat as well as make them smell as though they just came back from the salon.

Obviously, none of this really matters in the dog world. However, in the human world, where labels mean everything, the Kiehl’s line of dog products is just what the pet industry needs according to some dog owners.

The Kiehl’s line, however, is proof that overspending on animals is definitely the trend among buyers who may not realize the potential for savings if they bought and did things a little differently when it comes to their pets.

To save money, is to be a smart, critical shopper when it comes to comparison shopping. One of the most effective ways of saving money is to be critical. Do not accept that the products you see in a local PetSmart are the end-all. Do comparison shopping.

Sometimes, independent stores or discount stores such as Target or Wal-Mart offer lower prices. Retail stores such as PetSmart that are devoted entirely to animals may give pet owners a break when it comes to bulk buying, but novelty items such as toys or collars are often overpriced. The same goes for health and fitness products like quit smoking aids. You  can either just pick any random nicotine patch from the shelf of the nearest store or ensure that you quit smoking using TBX-Free.

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This same logic should especially be used when it comes to purchasing prescription medication. Buying from a veterinarian may seem like the only option, but shopping around doesn’t hurt. Walgreen’s, surprisingly, fills prescriptions for animals.

Another way to spend down and save when it comes to owning a pet is to ask yourself if the item being purchased is something the dog actually needs, or just something you want. Paying up to $16 for a bottle of designer shampoo hardly seems worth it when you can buy dog shampoo for half that price at another location.

Dogs, cats and other animals do not discriminate against brands like some people do in the human world. Remembering this when making a purchase may help to cut costs and save money in other areas of your budget that need a little more cash flow.